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Terms and Conditions


Before using the services, information or products included in Busportal, please read carefully the present terms and conditions. If the user is using Busportal or buy any of Busportal’ products or services, it means the user accepted the terms and conditions of Busportal. In the case the user does not accept the presented terms and conditions we are asking the user not to use Busportal.

The presented terms and conditions could be change in the future with the objective to avoid any impact to the rights of the users. Once the changes are implemented in our terms and conditions, the user by using Busportal will implicitly accept all the modifications.

1. The parties

Once the users accept the presented terms and conditions, The users and visitors agree to respect and accept the modifications Busportal could find important to do; in order to improve the service for the users or in order to bring more benefits for the company.

2. About the terms and conditions

The terms and conditions of Busportal concern the use of Busportal. Any booking made on Busportal is also suggest to our supplier’ terms and conditions. We recommend our users to make sure they know our supplier’s terms and conditions before making any booking on our supports (websites or applications).

3. Property

Busportal and its images, system, texts, commercial images, brand, content can be provided by a third party. Therefore, it is forbidden to copy, use, transmit the content published on Busportal without any express and written authorization from Busportal or the concerned third party, except if the use is only personal and no commercial. All the copyrights, commercial brands and any other sign of property of our content must be mentioned by the user’s copies or reproductions. The use of Busportal does not bring any license of use over any brand or published distinctive sign. The references to products, services, processes or any other information do not constitute a recommendation from our company.

4. Use of Busportal Applications

Only the users of more than 18 years old can use our websites and applications and buy our products and services. The users will be responsible for the way they use Busportal. All the personal data must be clear and actualized.

If the user would like to receive communications, messages or emails from Busportal, it is his responsibility to maintain actualized and accurate the information concerning his personal data.

If the user installs a software or use any service that allows getting information of our websites or applications in any phone device or computer; it will be under the responsibility of the user if there is any forbidden access to his information.

It is not permitted by Busportal to realize fake bookings and illegal payments. Therefore the user accepts:

  1. To avoid any forbidden activity, use of Busportal that could be illegal regarding the national laws or Busportal’s terms and conditions or transmitting illegal content that could be illegal, abusive, incorrect, racist.

  2. To avoid any commercial use of Busportal or travel services

  3. To avoid harming our applications, system or hardware

  4. To avoid using our website and/or applications without respecting Busportal’s terms and conditions. Therefore, the user accepts to avoid any of the following acts without Busportal’s consent:

    1. Using the content of Busportal for anything else than personal use

    2. Trying to avoid the access to Busportal to other users

    3. Using any software or system that could interfere with the normal use of Busportal by others

    4. Use, sell, copy, duplicate, exploit Busportal or any of its services

We are allowed to suspend, cancel, and restrain the access to any of Busportal components without any prior information or responsibility.

5. Travel products

Busportal does not own or control any of its suppliers’ product or services. If the products are from a bus company or travel agency, there are the property and manage by the third party. These third parties are the only responsible for the products and services previously mentioned. If a user is making a booking on Busportal, it means this booking was made with the same suppliers and/or through our booking agent representing a commercial agent of the supplier’s product or services. Therefore, Busportal does not have any responsibility about the booking; being excluded of the characteristics or terms of the product or services offered by the supplier.

6. Third parties

The apparition of links and logos on Busportal or through our website and applications of third parties do not constitute any form of recommendation from Busportal or any approbation of the products and services offered.

The user accepts that Busportal is not responsible for the accuracy, punctuality or integrity of the information gathered from third parties.

The interaction of any third parties with an user through our websites or applications does not concern Busportal.

User accept than when he is buying a ticket, he eventually could not choose his meal aboard event if the service might be offered by bus operators or other sale channels. Some prices could eventually be different than bus operators or other sale channels.

Busportal is not responsible for this interaction and mistakes, errors, incompetency, destruction, lesion, cots or inadequacies of third parties.

The travel services we are providing can have links to third parties websites or applications that cannot be related to Busportal and that are nor in any way under Busportal’s control.

Busportal cannot be responsible for the content of the websites or applications previously mentioned or the entrance to such websites or applications.

It is recommended by Busportal that the user consult our data privacy policy and the websites or applications data privacy policy before consulting the websites and applications’information. The users, by buying a product or a service with one of our suppliers, accepts the third party terms and conditions. It is possible that third parties or bus companies are obligated to put at the public’s disposition their own terms and conditions.

The user is in charge to be sure he knows the third party products or services’, terms and conditions before making the purchase.

7. Information the users are publishing on Busportal

The user is the only responsible for all the information including travel articles, pictures, comments and any other content he is transmitting or sharing with Busportal. The user will be responsible to make security copies and replace any mistaken travel information that he introduced in Busportal.

When the user give us any travel information, he allows us to make any copy, or use the information as we like in order to improve the usage of Busportal ’s products or travel services.

Transmitting information to us, the user guarantees he has the rights to give us irrevocably, perpetually, non – exclusively, free of charge, a licence with the right to give a licence of use to others, copy, modify, communicate, publish, translate, extract and distribute this information. If the user wishes to cancel the licence he gave us, he has to formulate a written demand by email at contacto@busportal.pe.

Busportal has the right to withdraw any information published by the user on Busportal if the information does not respect our terms and conditions. Busportal will not be responsible toward third parties for the information published by its users. By giving us travel information, comments, revisions, content, the user commits to:

  1. Give us the right to manage the information

  2. Use and share the information without the consent of the user

  3. Busportal will not pay anything for any information

  4. Busportal will be able to publish similar information as the one published by the user without generating any conflict of intellectual property with the user.

If the user does not accept this terms and conditions, or if the user wishes to maintain the full usage of the intellectual property concerning the published information, he should not publish or transmit any type of content on/to Busportal.

8. About the updates of Busportal

Our company will regularly update the webpage. Therefore the content of the websites or applications can be change or modified from one day to another. If it is necessary, the access to our webpages or applications can be suspended or cancelled. Additionally the company is not obligated to make any update to its webpages or applications.

9. Contents published by the users

Our company respects the rights of intellectual property of third parties.

10. Privacy policy

The use of the webpages or applications, travel services, and any other transmitted information by the user is subject to our data privacy policy. By using our webpages or applications, the user commits to let us use the given information as it is specified in our data privacy policy and terms and conditions.

11. Exclusion of any type of guarantee…

All the content and services of our webpages and applications; just like the itineraries the users obtain using the website or application are published just like they are and according to their availability. Busportal is not responsible for anything implying the use of the itineraries and do not give any guarantee, formal or informal about the accuracy or security of the services.

It is really important for the user to take into account the following:

  1. When it is possible, Busportal will adjust its need to the users or will be available without any service interruption.

  2. The content will be actualized, complete and global, according to the circumstances and when it is possible.

  3. The results obtained by the use of Busportal will be accurate, reliable according to our quality standards. With our quality standards, we are trying our best to offer qualitative product and services. However, Busportal could not be responsible if one of its suppliers does not have the same quality standards.

12. Limits of our responsibility

Our company including our ambassadors, directors, employees and third parties linked to us will not be responsible for:

  1. Data’s, economic losses, viruses that can infect our computers, phone devices, computer programs. Our company will be extremely careful to maintain our webpage and devices free of any infection, intrusion or computer agent that could cause damages to the users.

  2. Any unexpected event that could be a result of the negligent behaviour of a product or service from the users including:

    1. The use of the webpages or applications’ travel services and content

    2. Any error, unexpected long time to make bookings

    3. The inactivity of a supplier. Busportal will not be responsible for any economic loss or damages assumed by the user as a result of a negligent behaviour or if the user does not respect the hereby terms and conditions, our data privacy policy or the laws of the country.

  3. We charge the indicated amount in the selected currency and as it appears on the voucher. Due to your bank policy, the amount might appear in US dollars on your statement sheet. Busportal charged the amount displayed on your voucher. All differences during the charge are the responsibility of your financial institution. In addition, we received the amount shown on your voucher.

13. The responsibility of the user

According to the hereby terms and conditions, the user will have to compensate Busprtal and/or the third parties for the economic loss or losses; including the legal and accounting costs that could derivate or that are connected with the no respect of the hereby terms and conditions, the negligent use of our webpages and applications, travel services or content and the no respect of the national laws.

14. Additional dispositions

The content of the hereby terms and condition does not imply that any of the parties constitute itself as an agent or ambassador of the other, or that the parties are linked together for commercial purposes.

The user is not able to transmit, delegate its rights and obligations defined in the hereby terms and conditions without the express consent of our company.

The company has the right to deny any authorization without any motive. Our company is able to transmit its rights defined in the hereby terms and conditions if it does not cause any damage to the rights of the users hereby mentioned.

It is possible that in addition to the hereby terms and conditions, other terms and conditions are agregated at the booking, buying of travel services available on Busportal, or third parties websites and applications.

The user has to respect any of this other terms and conditions.

All the hereby terms and conditions and any complaints concerning this terms will be interpreted according to the national Peruvian laws.

If the user initiates any legal action concerning the use of our webpages and applications, this action will be solved in the courthouse of Lima.

15. Questions and comments

All the users of Busportal will be able to share their questions and comments with us. However and only if the volume of questions is exceptionally high, it will be hard for us to answer all the questions. The user has to take into account that Busportal does not assume any responsibility for not reviewing ideas that were not sent to us (including ideas about products and advertising). Therefore, our company will not take any responsibility as a result of any similarities with this ideas and material that could appear in the future in any program of our websites and applications. The user is the only responsible of any material sent to us, including the reliability of the information, its origin and respecting the intellectual rights of third parties. The user cannot communicate commercial secrets, or any other type of confidential information in the message they send us. All the material that the users send us, and that was not asked by us will be the exclusive property of Busportal.

16. Refunds

Refunds will be reviewed on an exception basis only.